LaSandra White to be Archie Williams’ new principal

June 7, 2021

On May 25, the Tamalpais Union High School District Board of Trustees voted to transfer Redwood Assistant Principal LaSandra White to an interim principal position at Archie Williams High School starting next fall. The vacancy comes after current Principal Liz Seabury was assigned to be the Senior Director of Inclusion, Instruction and Intervention at the District Office, also starting next fall.

Photo by Katie Parsons
LaSandra White has been working at Redwood as a counselor and administrator for the past 25 years
(Photo by Katie Parsons)

After nine years, Seabury is leaving her position but sees a great future for Archie Williams with White. 

“When they asked me my thoughts on [giving White the position], I immediately thought amazing, wonderful, perfect, outstanding, brilliant,” Seabury said. “She’s fabulous. I’ve known her for all nine years that I’ve been [at Archie Williams,] and she’s one of my favorite people. She’s going to be so great.”

Despite the excitement surrounding White’s new position, Principal David Sondheim feels Redwood is losing a key component of their administration.

“We’ll lose a wonderful assistant principal and a really great friend. Someone whose experience and ability to connect with students is a model for all of us. Her sense of humor and friendship makes everyday fun,” Sondheim said.

While White is saddened by her departure, she is looking forward to next year and learning more about Archie Williams.

“I know everything about Redwood, and I just don’t know anything about [Archie Williams.] It’s very unique. It is going to be a learning curve, but I feel prepared,” White said.

An aspect about Archie Williams that White is most excited for is the much smaller student population in comparison to Redwood. 

“[The size] is not much different than the size of Redwood when I started. It’s about 1,200, and when [Redwood] was that size, I felt like I knew kids’ names, and now it’s overwhelming. The size of [Archie Williams] is attractive to me. I’m not getting rid of my Redwood gear, though,” White said.

Sondheim believes the skillset White has developed throughout her administrative career has prepared her as well as she can be for her new role.

“[White] is one of those educators that helps you be the best educator you can be. She is direct. She is honest. She is student-centered and challenges me every day to make sure that I’m doing what is in the best interest of the students,” Sondheim said. “She is probably the most well-prepared principal to be that I have ever seen.”


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