Recognizing Larkspur’s early birds

As the bright morning light makes its way through thick marine fog, Larkspur begins to buzz with early risers. Businesses prepare to open for the small crowd while most residents lay fast asleep in their dark rooms. The diligent task forces behind collecting garbage and cleaning streets work at a quick pace to complete their jobs before the day starts. As some make their morning commute across the San Francisco bay, others seek energy from a steaming cup of coffee and breakfast, making cafes and donut shops a go-to for early birds. Outdoor workout spaces also provide a community for those who like to start exercising before the day has really begun, however, these individuals are relatively few and far between. According to global sleep specialist Carolyn Schur, 80 percent of people are night owls, so they rarely participate in early morning activities. So, while you, along with the other 80 percent of people in your community, are still snuggled under the covers, here is what the other 20 percent are up to.