Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener” is sweet and sincere

Natalie Cerf

Ariana Grande’s newest album “Sweetener” almost immediately hit the Top 40 list after its Aug. 17 release date. The album is undoubtedly pop, with catchy loop beats and features from Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams and Nicki Minaj. Nevertheless, “Sweetener” pleases the ears with its combination of soft tunes and upbeat mixes.

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Tracks such as “blazed” (feat. Pharrell Williams) and “the light is coming” (feat. Nicki Minaj) have catchy baselines. Although they sound like typical radio-repeat songs, Grande’s vocals maximize the best parts of each song. The vocals single-handedly turn a classic pop album into something different, something much more enticing to listen to, which is especially noticeable in “goodnight n’ go.”

Grande’s vocals don’t only stand out in her pop songs, they also make her otherwise slightly less thrilling songs like “pete davidson” (an ode to her new fiancé) or “everytime” a little easier to endure. Admittedly, after listening to the entirety of the album in a row, the songs start to blend together as many of them have extremely similar melodies. Differentiating one song from the next on the album requires an attentive ear.

The album surprises with thoughtful yet cutsie lyrics, leaving the listener with an overwhelmingly happy feeling. Covering a wide range of feelings and relationships in each song, from her anxiety in “breathin” to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller in “everytime” and “better off” to her new love in “pete davidson,” each lyric carefully creates a picture for its listeners.

“Sweetener” provides an unassuming space to listen to quality songs from one of the world’s most famous pop stars. Grande’s release had 16 number one songs, the most of any other 2018 album, which was certainly deserved. “Sweetener” is undoubtedly an enjoyable album to listen to, especially for someone who is in search of their next music obsession.

Suggested songs: “goodnight n’ go” and “successful”