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Desk Jams: Miles Squiers



Miles Squiers is well known throughout Redwood for both his vocal abilities and his skill with the guitar. In this video, Squiers demonstrates both of these talents with an original composition he wrote over the summer entitled: “The Relation”.

According to Squiers, the first half of the song is dedicated to his girlfriend, and the second addresses the painful side of love.

“The first half of it I wrote when I was first dating my girlfriend, and the second half of it I felt like ‘Oh, this could be looked at another way. Love isn’t always a good thing, it could kill you too.’ So, I thought ‘Let’s show the other side of it, too’. I was just noodling around after I finished the first half and I thought ‘these chords work with the tone, so why not put it in a song?’” Squiers said.

For Squiers, love songs are not usually his bread and butter. Although the other songs he composes are usually about subjects “people can connect with”, he believes his girlfriend has liked what she has heard of this new track.

“I send her recordings, but I haven’t played it for her yet. I think she likes it a lot based on the recordings. I hope she likes it,” Squiers said.

For how well composed and polished it sounds, the song was actually created quite quickly.

“It took me a day to fully complete, maybe 12 hours, but that first part took about 30 minutes. I made that song pretty quick. I have another song that took a month, to be honest, because I wrote the first verse and then took a break for a month because it was making me mad.”

Listen to Squiers perform his piece “The Relation” in the video above.

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