Advanced Drama shines in ‘Under Milk Wood’

Isabella Alioto

The Advanced Drama class performed the play “Under Milk Wood” from March 23 through 28.

Two advanced drama actors perform in the production of Under Milk Wood.

The cast, which was comprised exclusively of juniors from Advanced Drama, consisted of five narrators and a number of other characters. Other than the narrators and one other lead role, the actors in the play each performed as multiple characters.

The play started off in a dream world and then transitioned into the “real world” where the daily lives of all the characters were narrated. Instead of being in chronological order, the play simply showed a different group of people in each scene and narrated a day in their lives. The script was written in Shakespearean language, so although it was somewhat difficult to understand, it was still intended to be funny.

“Everyone seemed to understand the underlying humor in it and everyone seemed to like it,” junior Paige Colvin, who played the role of Polly Garter, said.

There were generally only a few actors in each scene despite the fact that the cast as a whole was made up of nearly thirty actors.

“There are a lot of funny aspects to it, so hopefully that will engage people,” Emma Randall, a narrator in the play, said.

 The five narrators, called voices, had the most lines, but were not characters in the play. These narrators were Emma Randall, Kimberly Vela, Carina Cassisa, Kate Millias, and Amanda Mosconi. The lead role, Captain Cat, was played by James Cruz.

Additionally, “Under Milk Wood” was stage-managed by junior Sophie Keaney, an Advanced Drama student.

Advanced Drama has been working on this play since the beginning of this semester. It was one of four plays put on by Advanced Drama this school year, including Micetro, the annual improvisation show.