Girls’ junior varsity volleyball defeats San Marin

Sarah Kimball

The girls’ junior varsity volleyball team defeated San Marin 2-0 on Tuesday, Sept. 30, continuing their undefeated record.

JV Volleyball over San Marin
Freshman Olivia Treadway (left) and sophomore Neeve Kennedy (right) block a ball during Tuesday’s game against San Marin.

The Giants got off to a rocky start in the first game with San Marin taking a nine-point lead until sophomore Neeve Kennedy served six straight aces, bringing Redwood up to a score of 18 against San Marin’s 22. Sophomore Layla Dunne then served three aces to secure the 26-24 win for the Giants.

“We didn’t have full intensity and the connection between players wasn’t the best,” Kennedy said about the first game. “I knew that we were a better team than San Marin. We just had to focus.”

The Giants continued their momentum during the second game and won 25-12. Freshman Chiara Ancona started the game off with nine serves, giving the Giants a large lead of 9-1.

The team will next play on Saturday, Oct. 4 in an away game against Saint Ignatius in hopes of continuing their undefeated record.