The struggle of the non-dominant hand

Brian Hunca

November 7, 2012

I threw down my pencil in irritation yet again. A homework assignment that should only take about 20 minutes had taken up almost an hour of my time, and although I told myself that I was done for the day I knew I was lying to...

Letter to the Editor: Senior’s call to respect the flag

Letter To Editor

November 6, 2012

Dear Bark Staff, During the first rally this year, I was appalled at how most of the students present did not remove their hats and remain silent during the National Anthem. I have never been extremely patriotic, but I have...

Technology proves detriment to kids

Ashley Salinas

November 2, 2012

Bing! That’s the sound of the latest smartphone going off as an incoming text message arrives. The glow of the phone’s screen lights up the inside of a plastic princess castle as the eight-year-old checks her phone to see...

My brother: a political commentary

Alexander Herz

October 26, 2012

On Tuesday night, conservative social and political commentator Ann Coulter posted the following to her Twitter: “I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” In response, reporter Alex Herz wri...