SAT Trends: Drop in national scores explained

Taylor Lee

October 19, 2012

Over 50% of students in the graduating Class of 2012 nationwide scored below the benchmark level of academic preparedness for college based on their SAT score, according to the College Board. Although it is concerning to have...

Students drop AP classes despite signed contracts

Liza Mansbach

October 18, 2012

Every May, hundreds of students receive a sheet of paper in the mail, letting them know they have qualified to take an Honors or AP class next fall. That sheet—the AP/Honors contract—is filled with dense blocks of text. But...

New law targets teenage drinking on party buses

Nicole Bronstein

October 18, 2012

Students may have to rethink their plans for Prom this year as party bus companies crack down on underage drinking in order to comply with a new California law. The law, which was signed on Sept. 23 by Gov. Jerry Brown, goes...

Eating Right: New regulations limit cafeteria choices

Kelly Klein

October 18, 2012

The district’s cafeteria menu has been revamped by Student Nutrition Services, who are always striving to improve the food, in order to comply with new federal regulations. The Student Nutrition Services, a local committee...