Face-to-Face: Quarterbacks compare first college season

Riley Overend

Last year’s varsity quarterbacks from Redwood and Marin Catholic have been making national headlines since they graduated. Marin Catholic alumnus Jared Goff began the year as Cal’s starting quarterback as a true freshman, while Redwood’s Zach Dubin was featured on Bleacher Report for winning the Mud Bowl, an annual football tournament between fraternities at the University of Michigan.

Even though Goff may have had the edge over Dubin in high school (Goff won NCS, Dubin went 1-9),  Dubin’s recent success in college has given him another shot at stardom.  In a recent phone interview, Dubin and Goff were given the chance to debate their football merits, their high schools’ rivalry, and more.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in post-high school football so far and why?

Zach Dubin: My greatest accomplishment was winning the Mud Bowl, which is a fraternity football competition, and I was the starting quarterback in that, and that was pretty fun. Bleacher Report made a video on that, so that was cool.

Jared Goff: My greatest accomplishment was probably breaking the school record for yards in a season during a game this year.
ZD: I can’t compete with that. That’s really not fair.
JG: Well, I’d love to play some fraternity ball.

What was the recruiting process like for you guys coming out of high school?

ZD: Yeah, I had some major D-I’s coming after me, but I thought I’d take my talents to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. They offered me a sweet deal, so I couldn’t turn it down.
JG: It wasn’t too crazy for me, really. I just had a couple offers and chose Cal.

Has your level of confidence increased or decreased from playing football in college?

ZD: I’m 4-0 and won a charity tournament, too, so my confidence is through the roof. I’m tearing it up.
JG: I’d probably have to go the other way on that. You have a better record than we have this year, so confidence is a little down right now.

Whose center has a better butt?

ZD: My center weighs 200 pounds, so he has a nice figure. I probably have to say mine, because he’s not 330.
JG: Yeah, probably. All my guys are fat and sweaty.

Who’s had a better college career so far and why?

JG: Probably Zach. He’s won four games and I’ve won one.
ZD: I don’t want to talk shit, but I mean, my winning percentage is 100%.
JG: Yeah, that’s right.

But you broke the school record for passing yards by a quarterback in a single season?

JG: I know, but the main stat is winning, and we didn’t do a very good job of that this year.

Redwood Principal David Sondheim vs. Monsignor Robert Sheeran [Marin Catholic’s priest]: who comes out on top in a fight?

ZD: Sondheim’s a fit guy, a big boy. He’d throw some public school dirty tactics in there. I think going up against a priest, though, he [Sheeran] has got to have the advantage morally.
JG: Monsignor, for sure. He’s got Jesus and God on his side, so he’s got that advantage right there.
ZD: I mean, yeah, but then he can’t throw in some dirty tricks. I know Sondheim’s a sneaky guy.

How much of your school fight song do you guys still remember?

JG: I probably know all of it, still.
ZD: I don’t think I ever knew it.