Seniors recognized as National Merit Scholars

Matthew Friend

Nearly two dozen members of the senior class were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program for their outstanding scores on last fall’s PSAT.

According to the National Merit Scholarship Program, approximately 1.5 million students take the test annually that are eligible for these awards.

Three seniors were recognized as Semifinalists, among nearly 16,000 of the other top scorers in the nation.  These students will have the chance to compete as a National Merit Scholar Finalist in the coming months.

Those selected as Semifinalists were Kate Anderson, Matt Cummings, and Neeka Mashouf, according to the administration.

Nineteen students were recognized as Commended Students, an award that goes to approximately the top 34,000 scorers in the nation.

Those selected as Commended Students were Nicole Bronstein, Amir Sadrieh, Tom Cline, Andre Cornman, Dylan Finkbeiner, Matthew Friend, Hallie Gist, Geneva Gondak, Alex Gotz, Jade Granger, Niels Laurberg, Rachel Lin, Liza Mansbach, Leila Mashouf, Joe Moore, Sarah Ogden, Jon Shaw, Michael Stolberg, and Rayna Saron, according to the administration.

Additionally, Matthew Kennis was recognized by the National Hispanic Recognition Program, an honor shared by only 5,000 other seniors in the United States, according to the administration.

Eric Bryan, who attended Tamiscal as part of the TEAM program last year, was also named a Semifinalist.

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