Imagine Dragons lives up to musical expectations

Lindsay Slocum

Night Visions from Imagine Dragons follows up on the success of the band’s first album, Continued Silence.

Imagine Dragons is back.  Following up on their EP, Continued Silence, the four man band out of Las Vegas released their first full-length album, entitled Night Visions on Sept. 4.

The band experienced a lot of success with their first release of six songs on Continued Silence.  The EP featured the hit “It’s Time,” which earned the band a MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Rock Video and reached number three on the Modern Rock Radio.  “It’s Time” is also featured in the trailer for the upcoming movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Since its release, Night Visionshas performed well on iTunes, starting out number one on both the alternative chart and iTunes music chart.  Two weeks later the album has dropped to number 12 on the iTunes chart, and number four on the alternative chart.

Imagine Dragons hopes to catch audience attention through what the band describes as  “brutal honesty and power of straight-ahead rock and roll…with innovative backbeats, basslines, and percussion.” Night Visions accomplishes every word of that statement.  New songs like “Fallen,” and “Nothing Left to Say/Rocks” showcase the honesty they bring to their music. Throughout the album Imagine Dragons makes good use of percussion instruments and their strong voices to put together an album worth buying.

Night Visions is available on iTunes for $7.99 and on the Amazon MP3 store for $5.00.