The best options to satisfy your Gyro fix in Marin

Kyler Wang

Happy Gyros (4.5/5)

Happy Gyros is a small food truck located on the side of Highway 101 in Mill Valley. The food truck is a family owned business, which makes the overall experience even more enjoyable. This low-profile spot should not be missed, as their gyros are incredibly tasty and affordable. Located next to a hardware store, the food truck is popular among construction workers in the area. Happy Gyros is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as it is primarily a lunch spot. The Beef Gyro costs $10. Thinly-cut beef full of a savory flavor, accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes and a creamy tzatziki sauce is nestled in between the pita bread. With all the flavors coming together, it is like an orchestra in your mouth.

Parked near the freeway in Mill Valley, the food truck serves delicious Gyros.

Julie’s Hummus Bar (3.5/5)

At a slightly higher price of $16, the gyro from Julie’s Hummus Bar is decent. Instead of the traditional pita, their gyro is wrapped in a thin flatbread and contains a higher amount of vegetables compared to meat. While packing a strong flavor, the raw onions are somewhat overpowering, as they are the dominant flavor drowning out the sauce. This gyro is slightly larger, but not enough to justify the significantly higher price compared to other options in Marin.

Falafel Hut (4/5)

The lamb gyro from Falafel Hut has a diverse and complex combination of ingredients that blend together well. Falafel Hut is located in downtown San Rafael. While they are known for their delicious falafel sandwiches, their gyros shouldn’t be overlooked. Sitting at a reasonable price of $14, the lamb gyro is bursting with flavor from various spices added to the meat. The gyro has the right balance of vegetables, bread and meat with a light and creamy sauce bringing it all together.


Gyros are a great option for anyone looking to get a quick meal that is both filling and relatively healthy. Next time you are looking for a lunch spot, consider going to one of these restaurants and picking up a gyro.