Spirit Days to become weekly occurrence


Dressing like these boys could now land you some free Redwood swag

Aaron Dorfler

Spirit Day Fridays begin tomorrow as Leadership hopes to raise school spirit, unity, and put the red in Redwood.

“We are doing this to build community and camaraderie among not only the students but also the staff and community here,” said Jennifer Madden, Leadership advisor.

According to Dave Plescia, Leadership advisor, a student from each grade level will be awarded a prize from the student store based on their spirit level. Prizes will include water bottles, sunglasses, and lanyards.

“Hopefully, that will get people to be like ‘Fridays I wear something, Fridays I get chosen, Monday it’s announced and I get my prize,’ which should get as many people as possible to dress up,” Plescia said.

Although Plescia said he hopes it will become a new school tradition, the Fridays are not intended to negatively impact the amount of spirit at the fewer Rally Thursdays this year.

“I don’t expect this to become as hard core as a rally day.  This is more of a toned down version,” Plescia said.