Gift ideas for a mom-ent of appreciation for mothers

Isabella Wagner

Mother’s day is just around the corner, which also means the hassle of finding a meaningful gift is near. While it can be difficult to take the time to search for a thoughtful present, it’s important to put in an effort in order to show appreciation for the sacrifices and hard work put in by mothers to raise their children. This list of ideas will help you in your search for a gift like no m-other!

Minimal supplies are required for a simple painted flower pot.

Painted Flower Pot

A creative way to express your gratitude towards your mother is by taking the time to paint something meaningful. Instead of a basic canvas, decorating a flower pot is more unique! For this gift, head to a local flower shop and purchase the clay flower pot of your choice. Sloat Garden Center, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware are all great options to find blank flower pots. With some acrylic paints and brushes, use your talent to paint a special illustration onto the pot. Then, let it dry and either keep it empty for your mother to plant something she chooses, or surprise her with her favorite flower! This is a simple, but thoughtful gift to make your mom recognize your kindness, and get excited to receive some new personalized decor. 

Selecting flowers to include in your gift basket is a colorful addition.

Gift Basket

Still unsure of what to get your mother because you have too many ideas? Try creating a gift basket filled with various goodies that will be a treat to open. This way, you can compile all the items you want to give into one present. First, find a large basket and decorate it with a ribbon. Inside, combine anything you think your mother would enjoy. For example, include chocolate, soap, flowers, jewelry, books and more, until the basket’s almost overflowing! The perk of this gift is that you can give a collection of smaller presents, while still making the whole appear like a big bundle, abundant with little surprises. Your mother will be feeling overjoyed with an abundance of cute presents, the best way to make her feel special. 

Picture Collage

Looking for a more memorable gift? A picture collage is the way to go! Print out your most nostalgic pictures of you and your mother, and paste them onto a poster board, or even create a mini paper book with a collection of the photos! If printing out photos is too complicated, then even a slideshow with music in the background also works. Going out of your way to assemble this gift is a perfect opportunity to convey the love you have for your mother. Most mom’s love seeing the effort put into their gift, and the combination with old photos is a great way to recall fun memories. Plus, you might get a laugh out of it, too.There’s nothing better than a trip down memory lane!

Nail Salon Certificate

Even if you have limited time to pull together a present in time for Mother’s Day, purchasing a gift certificate for your mom to get her nails done is a nice treat! While it is more expensive, it provides your mother with a relaxing outing that won’t disappoint. You could also think about getting a manicure or pedicure with your mom, some nice bonding time could get you some extra brownie points! The benefit about this gift is that it’s flexible for your mom’s schedule and she can use it whenever she pleases. 

All things considered the best kinds of gifts are ones that demonstrate a connection between the giver and the receiver. Specifically for mother’s day, gifts that show your love will win your mother over. Whether it’s hand made, or includes spending quality time with your mom, a special present is guaranteed to make your mother happy.