“Unlimited Love” is lovely to your ears

Nate Olsan

The Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) released their newest album, “Unlimited Love” on April 1, 2022. The portfolio of music contains 17 songs that provide reminiscent tones of previous RHCP songs, ranging from upbeat and fast-paced songs, to slow and relaxing melodies that are more focused on the vocals and meaning behind the lyrics. Although the album doesn’t provide any new sounds or forms of music compared to prior albums, the spread of song

Leaning in together the members of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers pose together. (Photo courtesy of Billboard)

s touches back on the classic beats that brought the RHCP to stardom such as ‘Californication’ and ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’. With raving reviews, “Unlimited Love” had reached No.1 on the Billboard chart, the second time that the band has reached such a high ranking. 

The RHCP opens the album with the song, ‘Black Summer’, which provides hints of RHCP’s classic style from older songs. ‘Black Summer’ is among one of the best songs on the album. The familiar-sounding melody gives listeners 3 minutes and 52 seconds of serenading music that leaves a lasting “hmm” in your ears. In addition, ‘Black Summer’ allows listeners to hear John Frusciante immediately from the start of the album. He plays a 37-second guitar solo that provides fans with the feeling of joy and happiness knowing that after over a decade, the band is back together. The song additionally sets the tone for the rest of the album as the name ‘Black Summer’ shares its name with the tragic bushfires in Australia of 2019-2020. In a recent statement, the RHCP said, “Each of the songs on our new album Unlimited Love, is a facet of us, reflecting our view of the universe” and the songs address current issues that are faced in society.

The second song in the album, ‘Here Ever After’ allows listeners and fans to also hone into Michael Peter Balzary’s (Flea) outstanding bass skills and Anthony Kiedis’ rapping/vocals within the song. The combination of Flea’s bass and Kiedis’ vocals provides an energetic and upbeat sounding song that contrasts nicely with ‘Black Summer’ which gave the nostalgic RHCP sounds. Comparing ‘Here Ever After’ to the other songs such as ‘Black Summer’ or ‘Tangelo’, it provides a different vibe than the others don’t give off, making it stand out from the others in a positive way. 

Finally, the album ends with the song `Tangelo’, which is slower and more relaxed, a great way to close out an amazing album. The melody matches perfectly with Kiedis’ singing and works together as a dynamic duo, providing an equal balance of vocals to instruments. If you’re looking for a more laid-back and relaxing song that won’t bore you, ‘Tangelo’ is a great go-to. The slower-paced guitar solo in the background allows listeners to focus on Kiedis’ vocals and can hone in on what Kiedis is singing about. Some fans speculate that in the song Kiedis could be talking about his late father and might be a dedication to him, while others believe the song is reflecting on Kiedis’ relationship with his son. 

The RHCP hit the nail on the head with this album and provided many fans with joy and happiness for reuniting and releasing an album together, similar to the ones that brought them to fame in the 1980s. Whether you’re an avid RHCP listener or listen to the occasional song from them, this album balances the perfect amount of vocals and instruments that provide amazing songs. If you’d like to stream the RHCP new album, you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music.


Black Summer 5/5

Here Ever After 4/5

Aquatic Mouth Dance 3/5

Not the One 4/5

Poster Child 3.5/5

The Great Apes 4.5/5

It’s Only Natural 4/5

She’s a Lover 3/5

These Are the Ways 3.5/5

Whatchu Thinkin’ 4/5

Bastards of Light 2.5/5

White Braids & Pillow Chair 3.5/5

One Way Traffic 4/5

Veronica 4/5

Let ‘Em Cry 4.5/5

The Heavy Wing 3.5/5

Tangelo 5/5