Face to Face: How stupid is cupid?

Nina Geoghegan

Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to debate with each other, argue or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are junior Mateo Berger and senior Braden Cook, discussing the topic of whether or not Valentine’s Day should be celebrated.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Braden Cook: It is kind of a made-up corporate holiday. You already have your individual anniversaries and birthdays, [so Valentine’s Day] is superficial. I don’t have someone that’s depending on me to buy them anything for Valentine’s Day, so I don’t see it as a necessity. Valentine’s Day can never be as special as an anniversary or birthday. [Whether it be] going to the store, looking through the [Valentine’s Day themed] cards or watching cheesy [movies] where “the guy meets the girl,” all in all, it’s not really anything special.


Mateo Berger: To me [Valentine’s Day] is less about romance, but more about sharing the love, spoiling everyone [and] getting [people] candy and chocolate. Everyone’s wearing red and pink. [People] feel united [through] the celebration of it. It is a day to focus on those in your life who are important to you and it allows you to show them that they are important. You can celebrate it with your friends and show how much you love them. It’s not specifically about one person. 

What do you typically do on Valentine’s Day?

Braden Cook: I get something for my mom. She likes salted caramel, so I get [that for] her from the grocery store. For this year’s [Valentine’s Day,] I’ll probably go to school and lacrosse practice. That will be it. It is pretty non-existent [to me]. I usually don’t even know when it is. 


Mateo Berger: I like to celebrate. Any reason to celebrate is good enough for me. Typically I get chocolates or gifts for my friends. When it comes to my close friends, I like to spoil them and get them nice little gifts. Giving gifts is my love language. It’s something I like to do.


What Valentine’s Day memories do you have?

Braden Cook: It mostly just reminds me of my childhood when the school day was [dedicated to] Valentine’s Day and there were hearts everywhere on the walls. I liked it when I was in middle school and elementary school. Everyone would bring cards and candy to school. We would have a free day, watching movies and eating candy. It used to be a fun and big thing where you sign all the cards and give a lollipop to everyone in class. I liked the free day of school. 


Mateo Berger: Last year, I had a “friends” Valentine’s Day. [My friends and I] went to the city, shopped and ate lunch. It was just a Valentine’s Day themed day.