Redwood Water Polo splashes into a new season

Players jump into the water, throw the first pass and begin the game. Although usually played in the fall, Redwood Varsity Water Polo recently completed its shortened MCAL season this spring. Spectators were still allowed into games while accommodating COVID-19 health regulations. The upcoming fall water polo season is set to begin in August. 

Most athletes have played for year-round club teams during the off-season, gearing up for a national tournament during the summer, according to Boys’ Varsity coach Rudy Kardos. The commitment to club water polo reflects the dedication to the sport that is able to connect teammates. Junior Gwen Kallmeyer, a varsity player, and senior Livy Selden, a captain for the girls’ varsity team, both enjoy the sense of camaraderie that the team provides, which motivates them to continue playing. Girls’ varsity coach Claire Buchanan — a former collegiate and professional water polo player — also recognizes the importance of the collective team spirit both in and out of the water. Joey Quirk, a senior on the boys’ varsity team, believes that there are aspects of the sport that many do not notice at first glance, such as the intense training the sport requires, as well as physical components of the game that are only visible under the water.