Admin releases results of December bullying survey


Students report being bullied most in classrooms and hallways

Zachary Dubin

The Redwood administration released results today from the bullying survey administered in December of last year.

In a press release emailed to students, Admin stated that they were committed to creating a school where all students feel safe and detailed some actions that had already been taken.

“Redwood High School is committed to creating a culture which does not tolerate bullying,” it said.

Among the steps highlighted by Admin in the press release were the stationing of a staff member on Doherty Drive to reduce hazing of underclassmen and seasonal talks with athletic teams about hazing and bullying.

The data compiled by the survey showed that 85% of students feel safe at school, and that 43% of students said they would definitely try to stop bullying if they saw it.

The survey also showed that classrooms and hallways are the most common places for bullying to occur.Although a significant majority of students do feel safe at Redwood, 51% reported being made fun of or called a mean name in the last month, and 50% reported being left alone or excluded in that same time period.

The survey stirred up controversy when it was administered last year because it requested students to write down the names of known bullies. No names were written down in significant enough quantities to merit action, according to the press release.

“While it provided some baseline information, we also plan to better tailor it to our own community as we work with it in the coming years,” the survey stated.