What’s next for the Peer Tutoring Program?

May 27, 2020

In terms of peer tutoring versus professional tutoring use at Redwood, it is clear that students and families turn to professionals before students more often than not. Whether that is because of the ability to pay for it, convenient scheduling or perception that professional tutoring is “better,” the Redwood Peer Tutoring program is underutilized as a result.

Moore believes that the program could be restructured to change this outcome.

“I think the way the system works made it hard to ask for help in the first place. The [students] didn’t really know what to do.”

Moore also believes that part of the low attendance was a preference for a professional tutor over a peer tutor.

 “I think if someone wants a tutor long term they’ll definitely get a professional,” Moore said. “Even if someone wanted help in a subject for even just a few minutes, I didn’t really see that happening [at Peer Tutoring].” 

Looking ahead, Lovelady wants to include more students in the program by continuing to make it accessible to both the tutors and students who need help.

“We make it really easy for the peer tutors, and we try to make it easy for [students] to show up…. We also try to make it really flexible for people coming in,” Lovelady said.

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What’s next for the Peer Tutoring Program?