Satire: Handbook Knowledge Episode 6 with Peter Panters: FaceTime Edition

Alex Johnson


Episode Six of Handbook Knowledge with Peter Panters is not like any other episode. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and Redwood’s consequential shutdown, I was unable to carry on with my usual format. With no school, there was no lunch and no unsuspecting interviewees to fool. Therefore, instead of finding random people to pick on during our lunch break, I was forced to go straight to the source and try to fool those who are well aware of my shenanigans: The Redwood Bark staff.

Because the average Bark reporter tends to be a little brighter than the average freshman, I had a very difficult time getting people to believe my comments were genuine. Going to three out of the four editors in chief and our supervisor, Mrs. Schneider, probably did not help my case either. Nevertheless, I was still able to get a couple of good reactions even though most saw right through my charade.

The highlight from this episode came when I decided to target someone other than an editor in chief or supervisor. I rang up an unsuspecting junior staff member on Bark and let him know that he had been selected to be the junior Editor-in-Chief for the remainder of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reaction was priceless and is a must-see in the video.

This is the part where I usually give a sneak peek to what the next episode will look like but, unfortunately, there will not be another episode. Calling up all of these people has given away my cover, and I will not be able to make another Handbook Knowledge FaceTime edition. Many thanks to whoever watched this series, Peter Panters out.