Kevin Parker does not make us wait ‘One More Year’ as he delivers highly anticipated album ‘The Slow Rush’

Audrey Lightfoot

On Feb. 14, Australian psychedelic pop rock band Tame Impala released their highly anticipated album “The Slow Rush.” Kevin Parker, the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist of the one-man band, took his time when creating this record as his previous album, “Currents,” was released almost five years ago. Parker had initially set “The Slow Rush” to be released in 2019, but felt as if the album needed more time in order to achieve the perfect sound. Prior to record’s release, fans were teased with singles and even false release dates. However, once the album officially came out, their expectations were not only met, but exceeded.  

‘The Slow Rush’ album cover shows a large amount of sand filling up an orange bedroom. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

“The Slow Rush” mainly revolves around the idea of time: nostalgia, the past and even a little bit of the future. Parker explained why he chose the concept of time in an interview with the Australian radio show “Triple J.”

“[Time] is something that has always intrigued me. I love the way we as humans have a relationship with time. It just creates so many different emotions and so many different things. You know, like being obsessed with the past, being overwhelmed with nostalgia, being anxious for the future, being confident about the future and living in the moment…Certain types of music make me think of memories and I think this kind of music does for me,” Parker said. 

Kevin Parker is the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist of the one man band that is Tame Impala. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

One of the early releases from this album was the single “Borderline.” The song is a fan favorite with over 73 million streams on Spotify. “Borderline” opens up with a strong drum beat which is then beautifully combined with electric piano to create a simple yet satisfying melody. Parker’s voice is almost angelic in this song as the lyrics are softly drawn out in a high pitch. It has an upbeat feel and has an overall catchy tune.

Although the sound of “The Slow Rush” is similar to Tame Impala’s other music, there are also new influences of disco and a more relaxed psychedelia within the album. We specifically see the influence of disco in one of the singles, “Lost In Yesterday” as it has sounds of upbeat guitar and synthesizers.

Kevin Parker performs at a 1970s-style wedding in his music video for ‘Lost In Yesterday.’ Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

“Lost In Yesterday” shows Parker’s intention of highlighting the idea of time. The song shows Parker obsessing over the past and then trying to leave those former memories in yesterday. This heavy topic is ironically paired up with a groovy, head bopping beat that is unforgettable and continues into a strong drum beat and an enchanting bass line.

Contrasting with “Lost In Yesterday,” the first song on the album “One More Year” is slower, but still focuses on the concept of time. The song’s lyrics relay the message of living life to the fullest without worrying about potential limitations. It starts with an ominous reverberating sound followed by a quick drum beat and Parker’s soft echoing voice. Parker sings, “Do you remember we were standing here a year ago?/Our minds were racing and time went slow/If there was trouble in the world, we didn’t know/If we had a care, it didn’t show.” Parker tries to reinforce the idea of enjoying life without any sort of doubt or concern. This is an important message for the many people who find themselves getting caught up on the little things in life, reminding them that they should focus on the bigger picture. 

“The Slow Rush” was definitely worth the wait and will continue to be the album of the season, if not of the year. Kevin Parker once again shines with his incredible musical talent, unmatched vocals and unforgettable songwriting.