Peer Resource holds Wellness Week

Matthew Friend

Last week, students pledged to be kind to their minds and bodies for Wellness Week, which featured daily lunchtime events hosted by the Peer Resource class in order to promote healthy behavior.

“Anyone can pledge before school or during lunch in front of the school,” Peer Resource student Isabelle Carbone said. “You can write your own pledge or use a more general, pre-made one, as long as the pledge helps remind you to take time for yourself.”

Carbone, senior, said that Wellness Week aims to encourage happiness and bring attention to ways students can reduce stress.

“After we learned that Friday Night Live was putting on an assembly this Thursday, it was suggested that Peer Resource help facilitate a week to raise awareness about ways to make smart decisions, relax, and be happy while working hard,” she said.

Lunchtime events scheduled last week ranged from discussions on healthy eating and condom training on Tuesday and Wednesday to playing volleyball and listening to music on Thursday and Friday.

“We want to help explain decision-making factors, like the fact that every meal counts and counting calories is unhealthy when taken to the extreme,” senior Grace Gravley said. “At the same time we want to have events for people to have fun.”

Peer Resource recapped the week-long celebration of health with a homeroom video about what students do to relax on a day-to-day basis.