The last of the Calzaretta dynasty at Redwood


Photo Courtesy of Joe Calzaretta.

Alexa Erickson

If you are a Redwood student, the odds are you will, or already have, heard the name Calzaretta echoing through the halls or being yelled from the public announcer’s booth at football games. The name belongs to the renowned siblings Nick and Alli, who are Redwood graduates, and senior Joe. While Nick has paid his dues as a star on the varsity football team, Joe’s senior year has followed in his brother’s footsteps. 

Nick was an essential part of the varsity football team from 2013 to his senior season in 2016. He broke 30-year standing records and led the Giants to their first NCS win in 2015. In his senior year, Nick accumulated 2,738 rushing yards and contributed to the team’s 9-4 overall wins in the league season. Nick has pursued his football talents and is now playing in his third season of collegiate football at Boise State University in Idaho. He is starting his junior season with 1,031 career rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.

“Football is a huge part of my life and my family’s life. It is something that we all bond over. I’m so grateful that I now have the opportunity to continue to play in college and continue those dreams. I hope the same for Joe,” Nick said.

Joe, the youngest Calzaretta, was the first-string linebacker of the Redwood team and has served as a three-year varsity team captain, where he contributes to a positive team dynamic.

“It has been such an honor to be captain of the team for the past three years. It is truly like a brotherhood on and off the field, and our energy is always bouncing off each other,” Joe said. 

 While Nick led the offensive line during his years at Redwood, Joe held down the defensive line. His presence was not only vital on the field but also as a source of motivation for his teammates. 

“Some of the best parts of the games are when we’re on the sidelines screaming at each other, hyping each other up. I love being the person that’s encouraging everyone because it uplifts all of us in the end,” Joe said.

Coach Allen Talley believes that Joe’s persona, passion and skills have attributed to his impressive abilities as a captain. 

“it has been an honor to have coached him and he truly has brought so much to this team as a player and a teammate. He is always willing to learn and improve and is always acting as a positive influence,” Talley said.

  “As a senior, I want to spend the season making sure we are playing our best during practices and games. I want to finish off this year strong and have fun with all my boys because this has been such a central part of my high school experience,” Joe said.