Satire: Handbook Knowledge Episode 3 With Peter Panters

Alex Johnson

In Episode 3 of Handbook Knowledge with Peter Panters, I witnessed probably the greatest amount of gullibility yet. Making my way through the outer lunch tables and eventually changing course to the amphitheater, I asked questions that seemed to stump all of my subjects. With this episode revolving around graduation requirements, I did everything in my power to convince these underclassmen that they would not be able to graduate.

Highlights of this episode contain a loss of toes, culinary school credits and even a student who is proud of his mom for making him a sandwich. While the reactions in this episode were not as comical as in previous episodes, it is understandable due to the fact that most of my subjects were simultaneously trying to figure out how to achieve graduation.

 While most of my interviewees jump at the opportunity to get questioned by a school celebrity, such as myself, this episode also contains an insider look into what happens in about half of my interviews: I get completely stood up. It was especially embarrassing in this instance because I went into a sea of ten girls and left with zero responses.

Going in order of the Parent/Student Handbook, the next episode will cover student rights and protection. You can expect me to convince some students that their protection is being jeopardized and their rights are being violated.