Honorable mention: Jenny Walker dominates the court all four years at Redwood

June 1, 2019

Senior Jenny Walker dominated on the Redwood girls varsity basketball team since she first tried on her Giants jersey her freshman year. An athletic individual from day one, Walker enjoyed water polo, soccer, track and swimming for almost seven years of her life before commiting solely to basketball. Now 18 years old and 6’1, she is ready to play competitive basketball at the college level next year at New York University (NYU).

Walker earned a spot on varsity as a freshman, and then became team captain for both her junior and senior years. Walker’s basketball skills have definitely improved since her freshman year. According to MaxPreps, her point average per game as a freshman was 5.6, and by her senior year, it had increased to 12.9. In 2018, Walker was on the first team for MCALS, and this year, she was awarded MCAL player of the year.

Photo Courtesy of Jon Ritt
Ecstatic to be joining New York University’s basketball team next year, senior Jenny Walker has played for Redwood all four years  of high school

In order to make improvements throughout her years at Redwood, Walker relied on her friends and coaches to support her basketball career.

“Practices are not always easy, but being surrounded by friends who I love and who love me is incredible,” Walker said. “I also don’t know where I would be without my coaches. I have definitely gotten frustrated with myself some days at practice, but my coaches never took it easy on me.”

Walker utilizes her friends’ support to succeed on and off the court, and many of Walker’s teammates rely on her guidance too. Senior Gabby Beltran, who will be attending Lewis and Clark College for basketball, values Walker’s role in shaping her as an athlete.  

“Even though Jenny and I play different positions, we constantly help each other on the court. If I ever make a bad pass to her, her immediate reaction is to encourage me and tell me it’s okay. She’ll give me a pat on the back and we’ll move on with the game,” Beltran said.

The girls’ varsity basketball team won their first MCAL championship since the 1980’s during Walker’s junior year. This event was the most memorable experience from Walker’s time on the team, who says she will remember it as a highlight of her basketball career.  

According to Redwood girls’ varsity basketball coach Diane Peterson, college basketball is intense and requires a lot more mental resilience, but she believes Walker is ready to take on the next chapter of her basketball career in New York.

“I know Jenny is going to be successful playing in college because she is determined and this is a dream of hers. She won’t let anything stand in her way,” Peterson said.

Photo Courtesy of Jon Ritt
Dribbling the ball at a home game, Beltran provides support to Walker and admires her resilience on the court

Peterson has watched Walker grow as an athlete at Redwood and knows she will stand out and exceed expectations, even at a competitive school like NYU. Walker has made some outstanding accomplishments throughout her years at Redwood, but is excited for a change in her life. According to Walker, New York is a unique place to live in comparison to Marin, and she is excited to experience something new at college.

“I’m just looking forward to going to New York and I’ll see wherever life takes me. New York is filled with completely different people, and I think its a place where I can learn a lot about myself,” Walker said.


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