Girls’ varsity softball goes home with a 5-1 loss against San Marin Mustangs

On April 22, family members and softball supporters filled the stands on the Redwood softball diamond. The Redwood girls’ varsity softball team faced San Marin and lost 5-1.
The energy in the crowd and players alike was high, undisturbed by the game’s start with zero runs scored in the first inning. One of the most notable plays of the game was when third year varsity player, junior Camille Mungenast, made a diving stop in the first inning that seemed to have a big impact the team’s energy, according to freshman pitcher Sadie Leonard.
“She made this amazing diving play that I was expecting to go through to the outfield and it sort of set the tone for the amount of effort everyone was going to put in to the game and the fact that we all had each others backs,” Leonard said.

Ready to throw, Sadie Leonard pitches to the batter

From that point on, the girls began to play with more communication, but ultimately could not defeat the Mustangs. In the third inning the score was 1-1 and the energy was high with Redwood and San Marin each putting one run on the board. The major loss for Redwood came in the fourth inning when the Giants were behind 5-1 due to the Mustangs one homerun mixed with good hits. Even with the ultimate score being low, Leonard still believes that their team’s attitude creates a good environment for games.

“Everyone is really supportive. If you’re down, they’re going to pick you up and you’re allowed to make mistakes … it’s just a really great environment where you can work hard and get better together,” Leonard said.
Second baseman Mungenast believes the team played this game well despite the first inning being a weak spot.
“We had one inning that went downhill, but other than that we played really solid, our energy was up and we were able to get batters one by one and hit,” Mungenast said.

Evelyn Bailey
Running full speed, the Mustangs get second base while the Giants catch the ball

Despite the loss, coach Emily Atkinson is proud of the girls.
“Last week we were struggling in some of our games so we came back today and really kind of make a statement I feel like and they really picked it up and did what we challenged them to do last week in this game,” Atkinson said.

The Giants will be playing Novato High in their next game on April 25 at Novato High School.