Trippie Redd takes a new approach for his third studio album, “Life’s A Trip”

Aaron Kim

After not releasing an album since Oct. of 2017, Trippie Redd dropped his third studio album titled, “Life’s A Trip,” on Aug. 10. The album consists of 14 songs, with an addition of his pre-released song, “Dark Knight Dummo (feat. Travis Scott).”

“Life’s A Walk” covert art.

Unlike past albums, Redd acquired all new featured artists including Diplo, Young Thug, Reese LaFlare and Travis Scott. Before his recent release, Redd’s features were usually limited to SoundCloud rappers, but, Redd significantly expanded his fanbase by drawing in new crowds of people and revealing a different style to his music. Along with these new features comes a unique tone that is unlike Redd’s usual flow. In the past, Redd primarily released songs with energy and hype; however, his new album takes a different approach by slowing the pace of his songs and incorporating catchy and straightforward beats. By doing this, the listener can focus on Redd’s voice without sacrificing the underlying melody of the song.

The best part of the album was Redd’s use of slow beats. Whether it was piano, guitar or synthesizers, the underlying beat allowed for a smooth melody to set the pace for the rest of the song. As a result, “Taking A Walk,” the second song on the album, is on track to be one of Redd’s most famous tracks.

Despite the growing popularity for “mumble rap” and vulgar lyrics, Redd avoided these attributes in his latest release and produced a memorable album that will have you vibing alongside the rapper himself.

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