Spring rally bids seniors farewell

Hannah Halford

Today, the final spring rally commenced, consisting of several activities that wrapped up the past four years. The rally began with senior Katie Israel singing the national anthem. Following Israel’s performance, the sophomore cabinet was pied in the face by their sophomore peers for raising the most money for LARCOD, a nonprofit community-based organization in Kenya. Immediately after the pie-ing, sophomore Ethan Roma caught the Redwood community’s attention with his powerful voice, singing “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. The crowd was rowdy as the seniors took home the win for the tug o’ war competition. After Roma’s performance, senior TJ Harris shredded on his electric guitar one final time for his peers. Following this win, senior collegiate sport commits lined up in the center of the gym and vocalized their future plans to the crowd. At the end, the entire senior class gathered in the middle of the gym to commemorate their final rally. Nostalgia was in the air for the class of 2018.