Massive tree falls onto Larkspur home, causes area power outage

Matthew Friend

Shortly before noon today, residents of the normally sleepy Madrone Canyon were jolted by a booming noise.  The culprit — a 150 foot redwood tree falling across West Baltimore Avenue.

The tree, located in the front yard of 313 West Baltimore Avenue, fell across the street onto the roof of a neighboring home, taking several power wires down with it, according to a notice distributed by the city of Larkspur.

The notice also said that PG&E reported a total of 69 homes losing power as a result of the incident. Thirty-nine homes regained power by 6 p.m.  A customer service representative at PG&E said that all remaining homes should regain power by 4 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Roni Caranza, an employee of Marin Tree Service who was on the scene, said that his company arrived shortly after the tree fell, and worked to clear out the road so that PG&E could come and fix the broken wires. The group had a crane on site, and was still removing the fallen tree and cutting it into pieces as of 6 p.m.

While traffic backups and power outages affected the whole neighborhood, it was Cynthia Flake who was most affected by the occurrence. Flake’s home that was struck by the redwood as it collapsed, according to Christina Roko, who works for Flake.

“I came at 11, and the police came, but they don’t let me go in,” said Roko.  “He told me she was okay.”

Several of Flake’s neighbors said that she was waiting in the home across the street while everything was being sorted out.