Dibble brings the Magic

Drake Goodman

An intense yet casual feeling fills the air in room 155 as cards are frantically moved around. Laughter and small talk occupy the room as players concentrate at the different moves their opponent makes, strategically thinking of the next best step. Amidst all of the madness, freshman Bradley Dibble smiles as he observes the room of 20 kids all playing the same game as it becomes a race to see who can deal the most damage first by summoning different cards, before quickly turning his attention back to his match.

Dibble poses with his Magic set
Dibble poses with his Magic set

According to the Guardian, this complex but enthralling game called Magic: The Gathering is played by 20 million people around the world. Despite its popularity, there has not been a club devoted to the game at Redwood until this year, when Dibble discovered other students’ shared interest in Magic. Ever since the club began meeting in the beginning of October, the Card Club has been an enormous success, Dibble said.

“When it was Club Day, I didn’t know how many people were going to sign up and I was a little nervous, because I only knew five people that were going to do the club. I was really surprised because my entire sheet filled up with names,” Dibble said.

Dibble’s interest in Magic started in sixth grade while attending Del Mar Middle School, where a club devoted to this game was offered.

“A bunch of people started playing so I started playing, and it was really fun. Then in eighth grade I found out there was a game store people played at, so I went there and started playing and met new people,” Dibble said.

According to Dibble, about 12 people would gather a couple times a week to battle against each other at Del Mar with one of the teachers leading the club. A current Magic player and member of the club, Peter Colwell, also attended the Del Mar club with Dibble.

“[Bradley and I] didn’t hang out too often, but we did play Magic occasionally together. It was a way for us to relate to each other because we were able to talk about it and it gave us an excuse to hang out,” Colwell said.

Dibble marvels over his deck
Dibble marvels over his deck


Dibble said the club at Redwood has a much more light-hearted and looser environment than the club at Del Mar because the students can choose what format they play with rather than the teacher choosing for them. As the founder of the club, Dibble offers advice to kids new to the game as well as provides tutorial links on the club’s website that Dibble created.

“I liked the club at Del Mar, but I think the club at Redwood is better because we have so many more people and we can organize events,” Dibble said.

For all of the Magic: The Gathering lovers at Redwood, Dibble has created a community that hosts a fun environment where everyone can bond over this creative game. He uses his love for the game to help other people meet and befriend one another over their shared hobby. Dibble said he hopes to continue his enthusiasm for Magic in the future and spark the interests of his peers along the way.

The Card Club meets every Thursday in room 155 and Dibble hopes to expand the club to include Dungeons and Dragons in the future.