Redwood’s new staff

Jocelyn Overmyer

Every year Redwood welcomes new teachers into its hallways. This year, we were fortunate to welcome nine new teachers into our staff. Some of these teachers are familiar faces, returning to teach after attending Redwood as teenagers, while others are new to the Bay Area. Regardless, every teacher offers a unique presence and knowledge that will contribute to the ever-growing Redwood.

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Laura Leones

Department: Special Education

Previous School: San Pablo Middle School

Quote: “I’m really excited to be back. There’s just so many great programs here. It’s just a really positive my students the best I can.”

Fun Fact: She went to Redwood. She also has two kids and two dogs.


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Pablo Garcia 

Department: Math

Previous School: Wallenberg High School- SF Unified School District

Quote: “I’ve already discovered that students are really great here, I really love them. I’m looking forward to helping with the wrestling team, and the mountain biking team because those are both my hobbies.”

Fun Fact: His wife is a Spanish teacher at Sacred Heart in the city and he has an 11-year-old daughter.


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Aubrey Jordan 

Department: Science

Previous School: San Jose High School

Quote: “I’m really impressed with the students’ respect and the way they treat each other and the teachers. I’m also impressed by my colleagues and how supported I feel. Everyone seems to really like being here and I’m happy I get to be part of that.”

Fun Fact: She got married over the summer.


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Karen Seekamp 

Department: Special Education

Previous School: San Andreas High School

Quote: “I’m really here for support. My job is to make sure students get the services they need, and more importantly when they are having a rough time, have a place to come to where they feel safe and get help.”

Fun Fact: She was the best roller skater in the country when she was 13-years-old.


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James Sinkler 

Department: Math

Previous School: George Washington High School

Quote: “I’m excited to be in the Tam District. I went to school at Drake. I’m looking forward to a good year with the students doing their own work and understanding the math.”

Fun Fact: He has no sense of smell. “So if anybody in my room smells smoke, and the fire alarms aren’t going off, we should evacuate.”

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Multu Kartin 

Previous School: Marin School and Analy High School in Sebastopol

Quote: “I had another opportunity to come back to the district, and share my job and passion of science, especially chemistry, with y students…I’m looking forward to inspiring more students to major in science and engineering.”

Fun Fact: She met her husband in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and later found out that they grew up a few miles apart in Istanbul.


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Alejandros Reyes 

Department: Special Education

Previous School: Marin City- Martin Luther King Academy

Quote: “I’m looking forward to getting to know the students and teachers and project and try to do some community-based outings”

Fun Fact: He wasn’t born in this country.



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Mary Clare Neal

Department: Math

Previous School: White Hill Middle School

Quote: “I’m really loving my algebra classes that I’m teaching. I love bringing algebra into geometry and bringing those two areas of mathematics connect each other. It’s my first time teaching high school and I’m amazed and wowed at how really independent students are.”

Fun Fact: She is a triathlete and has done an Ironman. She’s currently in the process of training for one this Spring.


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Melissa Zeiher

Department: Spanish

Previous School: El Segundo High School in LA

Quote: “I’m excited to be doing AP Spanish again and seeing opportunities to get involved with local culture here.”

Fun Fact: She has been to almost every Spanish-speaking country.