Bark Bites: festive foods edition

Julia Jacoby

As the holidays approach, there is a lot to be excited for—carolling, classic movies, decorations, Starbucks’ holiday cup, and most importantly, the food. To celebrate the holiday spirit, the Bark asked Redwood students about their most interesting holiday cuisine.

Olivia Winterhalter, 9th grade: Peppermint Bark

“I always make gingerbread houses around Christmas, but I think my favorite food around the holidays is definitely peppermint bark.”

Lauren Brown, 11th grade: Skirlie

“My family always makes Skirlieit’s a Scottish stuffing that is basically just oatmeal and onion.”

Tanya Jane, 10th grade: Chocolate Oranges

“I eat these chocolate oranges. Well, they’re not really oranges. They’re made of chocolate but taste like oranges.”

Hannah Wieck, 11th grade: Mumbrigalas

“Mumbrigalas is Italian soup that my family eats at Christmas.”

Kylie Seacamp, 10 grade: Springerle

“My family always makes a variety of cookies. My favorite ones are anise flavoredthey’re called Springerle. They’re like really hard biscuits. You make them at Christmas and they’re soft and you eat some, but then you leave them in the basement for a little bit and they turn into hard biscuits that you eat in the new year.”

James Thomson, 11th grade: Haggis

“Haggis is like lamb heart, lungs, and everything that isn’t already used. It’s from Scotland.”

Chelsea Rodriguez, 9th grade: Menudo

“I eat way too much cake and tacos and Menudo. It’s really good. You could think of it as like a stewed beef or soup.”

Aluecia Benedickson, 9th grade: Green Wreaths

“My family makes these cookies that are made of cornflakes and marshmallows and green food dye. We shape them into green wreaths.”

Jemima Dominguez, 11th grade: Seafood

“This isn’t a specific food, but my family always eats seafood around the holidays because we’re from Australia and it’s summer there in December.”

Henry Zeisler, 12th grade: Latkes

“We eat Latkes around the holidays. They’re pretty much Jewish hash browns.”