Vandals destroy amphitheater sign

Zachary Dubin

This beer can was found with several others behind the amphitheater Friday, August 31, at noon following the destruction of the Kreitzberg amphitheater sign.

Last Friday morning, Aug. 31, the administration found the new Kreitzberg amphitheater sign shattered into pieces by vandals.

In addition, fresh graffiti was found around campus that same morning. The white paint read “G2,” a symbol which was also spray-painted on the sides of campus buildings over the summer.

Administration is unsure if the two acts of vandalism are related, and refused to comment on the situation last Friday.

The wooden sign was built this year to replace a previous sign that honored the Kreitzberg family who were major donors in the construction of the amphitheater and surrounding fields which were opened in the late ‘80s.

Several beer cans were also observed behind the amphitheater Friday at noon.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Redwood tip line at 945-3693.

This graffiti was found on the south lawn lunch tables on Friday, Aug. 31, the same morning that the amphitheater sign was found shattered.