Review: Best Spanish-language shows on Netflix

Caroline Cummings

Spanish Version

Many viewers are not aware of the wide variety of Spanish-language series that Netflix has to offer and do not know how to distinguish which ones are worth watching. In order to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the countless options, the Bark took a look at the Spanish TV shows with the highest ratings.

El Tiempo Entre Costuras:


One of the highest rated Spanish-language TV shows available on Netflix, “El Tiempo Entre Costuras”, falls surprisingly short in its often melodramatic plotline. Set in 1930’s Madrid while Spain is on the brink of civil war, the show follows the story of a simple dressmaker, Sira Quiroga, as she loses her job only to inherit a fortune from her absentee father. The actress portraying Quiroga deservedly won two prominent Spanish acting awards for her role and while her performance in the series was impressive, the script was much less so. Full of cliché moments, particularly between Quiroga and her lover Ramiro Arribas (Rubén Cortada), the plot often comes across as highly unrealistic. Despite the over-dramatization, the series succeeded in its set designs and costumes. The mood and atmosphere throughout the show were remarkable. Whether the show feels dark and frightening or passionate and romantic, the viewers can feel  the mood of the scene through the music and lighting. The outfits and architecture all felt very authentic as well. As the plot progresses and Quiroga ends up back in Spain after having lost her fortune and her lover, she becomes a spy for the Allies in World War II, adding more drama to the story. If you can get past the over-dramatization, the atmosphere and thrill make “El Tiempo Entre Costuras” worth the watch.

El Internado:


With an eery tone and a diverse cast, “El Internado” hits the mark, offering a suspenseful and shocking plot line, despite sometimes shaky cinematography. The show takes place at an elite Spanish boarding school known as Laguna Negra. When strange and supernatural events begin to occur, five teenage friends set out in search of explanations. Although the plot is interesting and always shocking, what really drives the show is the variety of characters, whose contrasting stories and personalities never cease to entertain. While the teenagers and adults are all talented actors with interesting story lines, it is the younger kids who really shine, thanks to their light innocence in the midst of a dark and heavy story. Although the quality of the filming is not always great, “El Internado” instills the perfect amount of suspense into the viewer.

Club de Cuervos:


CHAVA AND ISABEL sit by the soccer field after a death in the family
CHAVA AND ISABEL sit by the soccer field after a death in the family

This Netflix original series uses wit and humor to successfully entertain viewers while telling a serious story. The plot focuses on a brother and sister who inherit a professional soccer team when their dad dies of a massive heart attack. Although half-siblings, the two couldn’t be any more different. Isabel is a smart, hardworking team executive, while Chava is reckless and irresponsible. These differences drive the plot and most of the humor in the show. Quick-witted and quirky, this series is meant to be lighthearted, although the comedy does not get in the way of the quality acting. The actors seem believable, even if sometimes a bit exaggerated, and the filming and set design are of the highest quality, effectively showing the affluence that comes with owning a professional soccer team. The series’ rating of mature adult is definitely accurate, as the show contains frequent usage of strong language that often seems fitting for the characters, who are crude and never placid. If you are looking for a witty show, “Club de Cuervos” is the perfect show for you.