PR makes safe sexy: Participants ready to roll

Andrew Hout


Students learn how to properly put on condoms during an event hosted by Peer Resource.
Students learn how to properly use condoms during an event hosted by Peer Resource on Jan. 27.

Today, Jan. 27, Peer Resource and the Wellness Center hosted a condom training event during lunch that brought hundreds of students to the South Lawn to learn.

They put on the event to teach students the basics of how condoms work in order to raise awareness for safe sex.

Wellness Outreach Specialist, Anne Benitez, helped to bring together this event by providing the condoms, lube, and training to the Peer Resource students. The Wellness Center then gave out the training packets, while Peer Resource students ran the event.

“We planned this event and are hoping to have it every month so students always have access to condoms and information,” Benitez said.

Ellie Gerson, a Peer Resource student, stationed behind the training tables, helped to guide students on how to properly use a condom.

“We did this to make the student body more aware of how to use condoms properly and we also want to provide free condoms to students who have trouble obtaining them.”

Throughout the event, there were multiple ways to become certified. After one got certified they also received a free bag of condoms.

“The two options for the training were using [informational] cards or a woody, which is a fake penis that you put a condom over for practice,” Gerson said.

The card training had students attempt to put 17 cards in the correct chronological order used to  properly put on a condom. Students were allowed to choose which training they preferred to complete in order to become certified.

Peer Resource successfully certified over 150 students, according to Peer Resource student Hall Darden.