Old businesses closing, new businesses sprouting

Andrew Hout


Old businesses closing, new businesses sprouting

by Andrew Hout

Although the Bon Air Shopping Center in Greenbrae has lost many of its beloved establishments, it has recently gained fresh, high-quality restaurants as replacements.

The Bon Air Center is such an essential part of this area. It is basically the downtown of Greenbrae because it’s close to schools and homes,” said Audrey Shapiro, Bon Air’s marketing manager. “The center is a nice community gathering space, so we try to provide everyone with good lunch and food offerings.”

The shopping center is revitalizing its atmosphere by bringing in an assortment of new upcoming establishments, according to Vesa Becam, Bon Air’s head of leasing.

“We have a lot of young families moving into the area and a lot of established residents who have been here. We just want to make sure we can meet everyone’s needs,” Shapiro said.

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Photos by: Andrew Hout, Sam Sheridan, Georgia Graves

Illustration by: Andrew Hout