Girls’ varsity soccer routs Justin-Siena

Charlotte Seton

Girls’ varsity soccer won by a score of 10-1 against Justin-Siena on Wednesday.

Although Justin-Siena scored one goal against Redwood, it didn’t discourage the Redwood team.

Both teams also had to deal with rainy weather. Junior Lily Armstrong said the ball was slippery due to the rain, causing Redwood to struggle on its touch and maintain the ball. However, the slippery ball didn’t stop the teams, as they stayed passionate and motivated throughout the game.

Redwood was also consistent with its flexible passing and powerful kicks toward the opposition’s goal.

Junior Lily Armstrong dribbles the ball in the rain.
Junior Lily Armstrong dribbles the ball in the rain.

Freshman Madeleine Pero started the game off by scoring the first three goals, which helped jumpstart the competition.

“As a freshman, I’m just working hard to get as much to the top as I can. Working hard and playing the best I could for this game was my way of showing this,” Pero said.

Redwood’s had an exceptional start in the first half of the game, and its aggressive drive brought it to a score of 6-1 by halftime.

Junior Cammie Chao proved through the game to be the lead passer and kicker by passing to her teammates consistently.

Passes from Chao almost always led to scoring a goal, which ultimately helped Redwood beat Justin-Siena in a lopsided victory.

“We are getting a lot of opportunities to score and doing our best to take advantage of those situations,” Chao said.

The girls’ varsity soccer team will continue its season with its next home game on Jan. 6 against Drake.