JV boys’ soccer team gains win against Terra Linda

Tyler Kavanaugh

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The JV boys’ soccer team soundly defeated Terra Linda 2-0 on Saturday despite several injuries.

Only 14 minutes into the game, freshman Kiyan Darznik-Banaee scored a goal for Redwood, setting a dominant tone for the rest of the game.

The team was undeterred by several injuries and substitutions, managing to keep Terra Linda scoreless.


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Center Christopher Changeux exemplified the aggressive attitude maintained by the Giants throughout the game, scoring Redwood’s second goal and keeping excellent control over the ball.

The team’s two coaches, Dorian Pandey and Noah Prudhomme, attributed this to the team’s outstanding communication on the field.

“Generally, substituting players is considered to bring down the team’s effectiveness, but we were able to remain strong today because of how well they communicated,” Prudhomme said.

The coaches emphasized that communication was worked into almost all trainings and meets due to its importance on game day.

“As a team we can adapt to any situation, which makes us strong when we have lots of substitutions,” right wing Lucas Addleman said.

The Giants’ next game will be at Justin Siena High School next Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m.