JV girls’ basketball dominates in preseason win

Mackenzie Slaugh

The JV girls’ basketball team defeated Alameda 44-21 during a preseason game on Tuesday.

Sophomore Isabel Tallerico prepares to take a shot during warmups before their game against Alameda.
Sophomore Isabel Tallerico prepares to take a shot during warmups before their game against Alameda.

Steady scoring by Redwood kept Alameda chasing the ball. Sophomores Caroline Watkins, Ashley Lamar and Isabel Tallerico set the competitive tone of the game, making significant contributions to the score.

Redwood’s defense was strong throughout the first half with quick turnovers.

Sophomore Rachel Schten led the Giant’s offense by setting strong picks, allowing her teammates to score and strategically maneuvering the ball around the court.

Sophomore Isabel Tallerico said that the goal for their game was to execute their “press break play,” where four players line up, two run down the court to the scoring net, and two pass the ball back and forth, creating space and organization. She said they were able to follow the play through multiple times during the game, but still need to improve.

By halftime the Giants were continually executing their plays, dominating the game 22-8. Alameda also missed a majority of their free shots, exacerbating the scoring difference.

“We had better shots in the first quarter than the second quarter, but started working together more as a team in the second half,” sophomore Ashley Lamar said.

Leading with a score of 26-10 in the second half of the game, Redwood’s defense stepped up and its offense began taking fast breaks to the net. Sophomore Cammi Klemme maintained a pattern of quick, clean shots and also encouraged communication, which was lacking throughout the game.

“We had trouble talking on and off the court and the people waiting to be put in the game needed to motivate us and always be talking as we move up and down the court,” Lamar said.

Caroline Watkins also made a contribution with her three-point shots.

The team will have their next preseason game on Friday, December 4th at Redwood.