Meet the 2015 Homecoming Court

Sydney Soofer

From top left: Adelaide Shunk, Matt Ross, Kim Vela, Kenneth Wong, James Cruz, Bella Vega, Maxwell Glen, and Erin Gray       Bottom left: Elly Lundberg, Isaac Perper (face pictured on soccer ball),  Kendra Loo, Jason Seavey, and Matt Ross

Matt Ross

People know him as the accent extraordinaire, speed-stack king, and “Jeopardy” fiend. You can find Matt out on the soccer field practicing his shots or hanging out in the comfy chairs in the Bark room along with his fellow editors-in-chief. Matt has a passion for history and a secret love of cantaloupes. Matt loves the show “Between 2 Ferns” with Zach Galifinakis and hopes to one day pull off suspenders. Matt is currently perfecting his Australian accent, and has already mastered his Borat imitation. Don’t be shy about asking him if he’s grilling some shrimp on the barby out in the outback—he needs the practice!

Matt Ade
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Adelaide Shunk

“I don’t have time to live by quotes, I barely have time to eat meals,” said Adelaide Shunk. This is true-Adelaide is very busy as ASB president as well as a member of the varsity volleyball team. Believe it or not, the overachiever sucked on a pacifier until the age of four and a half and is still embarrassed about it.  Adelaide has a passion for hiking, and also considers herself an AP U.S. history and biology nerd. One of

her unexpected qualities is her extreme clumsiness. “Jennifer Lawrence usually falls on her face just like me, so props to J-law,” she said. She really looks up to Emma Watson and what Watson is doing to empower girls in the workplace.

Kendra Loo

Kendra Loo lives up to her title of being a “big joiner” by being part of the Leadership class, Peer Resource, and Redwood TV.  As if that wasn’t enough, she also plays varsity lacrosse and field hockey. Kendra is Klooless when it comes to giving directions, but will do everything she can to welcome you to the Redwood community, even if she can’t find what class you are looking for. Her family  members are her “home dogs” and her biggest support system. This support system likes to call her Hermione because they think she is a know-it -ll, but she doesn’t completely agree. Chris Evans is her celebrity crush at the moment.

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Jason Seavey

Jason is quite the baker. Blondies, raspberry cake, brownies-you name it, Jason can bake it! The captain of the slam poetry team is striving to expand the slam poetry community and give the underground artistic community more coverage. Not only does Jason have a way with his words, he can also play a mean solo on the trumpet. He has a very long tongue and can pick his nose with it. He considers himself a leader when it comes to helping people achieve their musical goals, and aims to stimulate the artistic community at Redwood. He also identifies with Jason Segel, not only because they have the same name, but because of their eerily similar personalities.

Maxwell Glen

The Will Ferrell-esque senior class secretary has participated in Leadership for three years, and also swims for the varsity swim and water polo team. Outside of the pool, he never stops believing, just like his favorite band Journey preaches. Few know that Max’s room is plastered with posters of Scarlett Johansson (shh don’t tell Erin). This year’s senior class’ Homecoming theme of “undercover” resonates well with the covert prince, due to his passion for James Bond films.

Max Erin
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Erin Gray

If anyone has a 1904 penny, let Erin Gray know because it’s the only coin she’s missing in her collection. The four-year Leadership student enjoys suiting up in her unisuit for Marin Rowing and brightening peoples’ days. She’s currently the senior class president, and was part of the drama program at Redwood for three years. She plays the most portable instrument known to man, a crisp and to-the-beat percussion instrument, also known as the “clap.” Gray idolizes Emma Stone because she is a red-head like herself, and there aren’t that many cool ginger actresses out there. Gray also participates in the long-time Redwood tradition of hacky-sack.

Bella Vega

You can find Bella scouring shops in Japantown, looking for inspiration for her fashion line that she wants to go to Japan to pursue. She’s even learning Japanese right now to prepare her for her future endeavours. She calls herself a “yogini”, which by definition is a female yogi. Bella can be at one with herself and with the dance floor as well. She has been dancing all her life and freshman year took a break-dancing class with a bunch of 6th grade boys…#goals. After high school, her plan is to move to her favorite place, New York, to jump start her fashion career.

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James Cruz

Whether he’s cracking jokes during drama rehearsals or having a dance off with his friends, James never fails to make people smile and says that his natural high is making people laugh. He is an avid exerciser, who participates in martial arts and basketball with his friends. James looks up to Robin Williams and admires  William’s quote, “Maybe the happiest of people are also the saddest of people because they know what it feels like to be sad, so instead they make others happy so they don’t feel the same sadness he sometimes does.”

Kenneth Wong

“When I was little, I had a chronic fear of showers,” said Kenneth Wong. “So my mom thought it was a good idea to sign me up for swim team.” If not for his mother, Kenny wouldn’t have found his passion for swimming. When he’s not in the water, Kenny can be found lighting up the drama stage with his contagious sense of humor. He calls himself a “somewhat competent chef” and still loves to cook all the time. He tests his recipes out on a guinea pig (a.k.a. his twin brother). Wong identifies with Jackie Chan because “he is the real MVP” and is not afraid to pursue his dreams-not to mention Wong’s grandmother met him.

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Kim Vela

Kim Vela is known for being an “open book” and for co-producing Redwood TV for the past two years. She has a passion for filmmaking and acting and is currently producing the feature film “Flounder.” Kim also swings for the varsity golf team, which she thoroughly enjoys being a part of, even if she isn’t a Jordan Spieth. Interestingly enough, Kim can dislocate her collarbones on command as well as lick her elbows-a rare trait. It brightens her day to be able to see people’s reactions to Redwood TV every other Monday morning, and it motivates her to become a filmmaker.

Isaac Perper

“Tom Cruise is the most amazing person in the world, I don’t think he ever dies in his movies, so he’s invincible like me,” said Isaac Perper. Known for his luscious locks, the varsity soccer player will be taking control of the pitch in his second year as captain. He lives his life in the fastlane-but not on Highway 101. Isaac can whip up a mean lasagna, and with much persuasion is willing to share his coveted recipe. As if having luscious locks, culinary skills, and being a soccer stud isn’t enough, his GPA is out of this world. If you ever have any questions about life, Isaac and his oh-so-beloved mane are willing to help you answer them. [vimeo id=”″ size=”large” align=”center”]

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Elly Lundberg

“This one time in Mexico this guy thought I was Bella Swan and kept chasing me around and calling me Bella,” said the all-star volleyball recruit Elly Lundberg. Elly radiates a light and fun vibe that she uses to go out of her way to be weird and help other people feel comfortable. Off the beach volleyball court, you can find Elly curled up at her house watching “Vampire Diaries” and admiring the glistening and ageless skin of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. “My life is like a highway-speedy and fast,” Elly said. Elly is not afraid to be herself and doesn’t let the negative things that people say get to her.