It’s time to head in a conservative direction


The common saying is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, in the case of politics, it’s time we fix what IS broke: American Liberalism. For too many years now the Obama administration and the liberal approach has proven to be a failed and divisive system. It’s time this country heads a different direction, in the form of a conservative president. Enough with the political correctness, the over-the-top affirmative action, and enough promise of hope that will never come.

America needs an American-minded and prideful president. Much like Ronald Reagan, our new leader must have a pro-America mindset to bring back the national pride we once had.

First off, I believe we need to be rid of this politically correct game liberal America is so obsessed with. Everyone knows what specific word, phrase, or issue politicians are speaking about, but for some unknown reason, it makes them appear more intelligent to dance around a controversial term. One man who has finally broken this mold is Donald Trump. I am not saying electing Trump is the smart decision by the American people, but I am saying that I do respect him for his attitude of enough with the political correct. I believe as more Republican candidates follow suit, like Dr. Ben Carson has, we can really start having solving issues without having to worry about hurting someone’s feelings.

Illustration by Asha Cummings

Secondly, affirmative action has too large of a hold on this country. Our future leader must put the correct system back in order: whoever is more deserving of the job, college admission, etc., receives it. It does not matter whether they are black, white, Asian, Latino; whoever is most qualified for the position should get it. I am sick and tired of hearing stories of minorities getting jobs over people with better qualifications, track-records, and recommendations. I am saying give whoever deserves the job more. For example, if a black woman graduates from an average university with a 2.8 GPA and applies for the same job a white man who went to an upper-echelon university with a 3.0 GPA, the white man should get that job. If stats were switched, the black woman should get the job. Skin color, gender, religion, etc. should not give someone such a big advantage to a job or admissions decision.

Lastly, in more recent news, gun control has been called into question and how liberals are trying to strip America of its gun rights. Due to the school shooting in Oregon, and the Charleston shooting, left-sided Americans have been calling for a revisal of the second amendment. What happened with these two events is an absolute tragedy, but a gun is not to blame. It is the owner and shooter to blame. Though I agree purchasers should go through more extensive background checks and testing before being able to buy a firearm, the solution is not to get rid of or cut down gun purchases drastically. Marco Rubio put it well when he said that if we outlaw guns, criminals are still going to obtain them: “the challenge with gun laws is that, by definition, criminals do not follow the law.” I would feel safer having a gun and being able to protect myself, knowing that there are criminals out there who are going to have guns, no matter if the law says they can have them or not.

America’s leader is too far-left and too sensitive. Enough tampering with our way of life, it is time for a conservative commander-in-chief.