Scream integrates horror into MTV’s repertoire

Ella Cook

Lakewood, USA seems like the ideal town from afar, but after an inappropriate video of two high school students is sent around town, a series of murders ensue. This is the premise of MTV’s new show, “Scream.” Despite a confusing plotline, the series remains engaging and thrilling.

The pilot episode, which was released June 30, begins with the murder of Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) and her boyfriend Tyler (Max Lloyd-Jones). The series then follows various students at Nina’s high school and examines how they deal with the murder of their classmates. In each episode, many plot twists makes it hard to follow at times.

Although the plot line was thrilling, the acting at times was a bit over dramatized. Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus), two of the main characters, often don’t portray their role in a compelling manner. Their reactions to events in the show tend to be unrealistic.

Despite the thrilling horror, there are parts that become too graphic and exaggerated such as the scene when Nina is murdered.

“Scream” airs Tuesday nights on MTV.

Often times during the gory parts, the scenes drag on for too long and become less interesting to the viewer. Even with some long scenes, the plotline can often be hard to follow, as a lot of information is revealed in each episode in a fast-paced manner.

Within the first episode, there are many suspicious characters who may be at fault for the murder of the two. Each episode reveals slightly more information about the murder, and as the series progresses, several more students are murdered, leading viewers closer to the truth. There are many interesting flashback scenes integrated into each episode but these are often times hard to tell apart from current day.

“Scream” integrates horror and areas of light comedy nicely.

The show has a mysterious bent similar to the popular ABC Family show “Pretty Little Liars.” Mysterious character “A” in “Pretty Little Liars” resembles the unidentified murderer in “Scream.” Throughout each episode, more clues are given as to who may be at fault.

“Scream” is quite different from MTV’s repertoire, which mostly consists of reality TV shows such as “Girl Code” and “Teen Mom.” Despite its confusing plotline, Scream combines elements of a horror show mixed with comedy in an engaging way.

“Scream” airs Tuesday nights on MTV.