Big Sean shows strength in new album

Michael Benz

Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise, his 3rd studio album, was released on Feb. 24th and debuted at #1 on the iTunes album chart.

“I Don’t F**k With You”, the album’s leading single, reached #1 on Billboard’s US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, US Hot Rap Songs, and on the US Rhythmic charts. The single, a collaboration with rappers like E-40 and Kanye West, also hit #11 on Billboard’s US Hot 100.

“Dark Paradise,” Big Sean’s latest album debuted #1 on the iTunes album chart.

Another collaboration with West, the song “All Your Fault (feat. Kanye West)” is about Sean’s perspective on how other rappers are just trying to “get into the game”, while Sean and West are trying to become all-time greats. Containing much of Kanye West’s signature style (the good, slightly auto-tuned Kanye) this song includes some of the best beats, hooks, and lyrics on the album.

Dark Sky Paradise includes many songs with deep, double meanings, like how Big Sean takes subtle shots at the industry and other rappers with his smooth lyricism in songs like “Blessings (feat. Drake)” and, “I Don’t F**k With You (feat. E-40)” . It also features an array of songs with loud, attention catching bass, as just about everyone of them have solid beats with slick bass lines.

“Paradise (Extended)” has a bass-filled background that provides a nice flavor while Sean raps about the corruption of money, saying that “money is the best drug”. This is Sean’s best solo song on the album. It features the most hypnotic lines on the album, as Sean talks about how he earned everything, saying, “all the fruits of my labor organic, homie, making sure my family tree got hammocks on it.”

The theme of the album is centered around his work ethic and focus on becoming the greatest in the music industry, while showing how he is maturing as an artist.

This album is a rare example of a piece where a listener doesn’t feel the need to skip a track. This is Sean’s best work of his career so far.

Recommended songs: Blessings (feat. Drake), Paradise (Extended), All Your Fault (feat. Kanye West)