Peer Resource hosts lunchtime safe sex event


Photo by Matt Ross

Michael Fieber

Peer Resource hosted their “Make Safe Sexy” event Wednesday, Feb. 11 at lunch on the South Lawn in partnership with Huckleberry Youth Services, Planned Parenthood, the Redwood Wellness Center, and Marin Youth Services.

The goal of the event was to promote safe sex and sex education, including safe-sex related games and events.

Huckleberry Youth Services and Planned Parenthood provided condoms, and Marin Youth Services had their own table at the event.

Games and events included “Guess the STI,” “Condom Certification,” “Sex Check,” “Condom Comebacks,” “What is Sex?”, and condom training.

Peer Resource estimates that they used over 200 condoms for training over the course of the event.