Blissful burritos: Where to find the best in Marin

Kylie Kvam

Now that school is back in session, finding a new place to grab a quick lunch off campus is always a treat. The Bark went on a hunt to find the best burritos in Marin by comparing burritos at four different locations and rating them on a five-star scale based on affordability, accessibility of location, and quality of taste. A burrito with chicken, rice, black beans, and medium salsa was ordered from each of the restaurants.

LUCINDA’S, located off 101 on Redwood Highway, offers a tasty chicken, rice, beans, and salsa burrito for only $4.80.
LUCINDA’S, located off 101 on Redwood Highway, offers a tasty chicken, rice, beans, and salsa burrito for only $4.80.

Lucinda’s (4 stars)

Lucinda’s earned four stars for its great taste, speed, and price. The Mexican restaurant is located off the 101 on Redwood Highway right before the Strawberry Village Shopping Center. The burrito I ordered took only one minute for me to receive and included the perfect ratio of rice, beans, savory shredded chicken and salsa. The tasty chicken burrito cost only $4.80 and the restaurant is located just under fifteen minutes from Redwood by car on a school day.

Road Runner (3.5 stars) 

Located in the Bon Air Shopping Center in Greenbrae, Road Runner offers a variety of flavors, ranging from traditional Mexican-style burritos to Asian-inspired teriyaki or Thai burritos. Of the three restaurants, Road Runner’s burrito had the least flavorful chicken, rice and beans. However, the chicken was shredded, making it soft and easy to eat, unlike the dry chicken from Burritoville. I was not given the option to have salsa put into my burrito–it was only offered on the side–and that contributed to the lack of flavor. The amount of rice in the burrito was excessive, which made the burrito more of a rice and tortilla wrap than a burrito. The unsatisfactory meal, paired with the high price of $6.35, contributed to a low rating of 2.5 stars.

Burritoville (2 stars)

Burritoville’s location on Magnolia Ave. makes it convenient for students to travel to during lunch. While the black beans and melted cheese were satisfactory,  Burritoville earned a low rating for two reasons: dry, overcooked chicken and overpowering salsa. In addition to the lackluster quality of food, the burrito took ten minutes to prepare, despite the fact that there were only five people in the restaurant, three of whom had already received their food. Another downside to the burrito was the high cost of $6.20, earning Burritoville a score of only two stars.

World Wrapps (3 stars)

World Wrapps, conveniently located at the Corte Madera Town Center, offers a broad selection of eclectic wraps. The restaurant takes a nontraditional route to their chicken burritos and the use of grilled chicken, black beans, Spanish rice and tomato-corn salsa made for a great lunch time meal. The grilled chicken was smoky, yet sweet which was well complimented by the tangy tomato corn salsa. However, the burritos were pricy – the small cost $5.99 and the regular size cost $7.29.