The Walk

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Any given morning at 7:20 a.m., as one student boards her bus on Paradise Drive, another student will step off of his bus from Marin City. Both will ride on Marin Transit and both woke up earlier than they’d wish.

Longboarding excites thrill-seeking students

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Gliding down a hill at 40 miles per hour has become commonplace for some Redwood thrill-seekers. Junior Jordan Stern became interested in longboarding during his freshman year, and has since become increasingly passionate about the sport.     “I was never really into skateboarding,” Stern said. “I was watching videos online, and a longboarding video […]

From the court to the classroom: Special Olympics Unified Sports League hosts first game

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On the court: The new Special Olympics Unified Sports League held their first unified basketball game during Game Night on Jan. 29. According to Special Education teacher Katie Peter, the game was a success and the Special Olympics club is in the midst of planning for future unified sporting events. A glimpse inside room 116: The Special […]

The Neglected Killer

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 By Annie Forsman and Adam Kreitzman   A Daunting Dilemma Redwood alumnus Matthew Lewin lay silently as paralysis overcame him. Incapacitated, he waited helplessly as an emergency room doctor applied Neostigmine, in the form of a nasal spray, to reverse the paralysis. Lewin had just been a guinea pig in his own experiment, one aimed […]

Desk Jams: Edition 9 – Noa Zimmerman

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Desk Jams, edition 9, features Junior Noa Zimmerman on the guitar. She has recently released her third album, self titled Noa Zimmerman, a blend of her vocal and acoustic talents. Noa Zimmerman (album): Applemusic, Spotify.    

Career Conversation series thrives in its fourth year

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The annual Career Conversations series began again on Jan. 11 for the fourth consecutive year in an attempt to continue inspiring and educating students about career opportunities from professionals in the community.   Three days a week, selected parents donate their time to educate students about their respective professions. A variety of unique jobs are […]

Humans of Redwood: Edition 2- Scott Smith

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Junior Scott Smith walks into class as he hears his peers scream, “Pin drop!” Smith sets down his bag, walks to the front of the room and spins down to the floor and back up. Smith is acclaimed for his well-known “pin drops.” He says that dancing is a much larger part of his life […]

Backstage with the Micetro Cast

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EPiC students prepare for their latest performance of Micetro.

Surfing provides outlet for community of students

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The alarm clock buzzes at 5 a.m., rattling the bedside nightstand and forcing you to slowly drag yourself out of bed. You eat a quick breakfast and rush out the door. Barely awake and running on the adrenaline of six hours of sleep, you pile the wetsuit and board into the car and set off […]

Humans of Redwood: Edition 1- Quinn O’Connor

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Humans of Redwood, Edition 1, presents sophomore Quinn O’Connor, an aspiring special effects make-up artist.