Light up the Night

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There is something magical about slowly ambling down an unfamiliar street in a car as the sky becomes dark, turning the corner and being overwhelmed by an extravagant, over-the-top Christmas display complete with music echoing throughout the neighborhood, and realizing that you did indeed turn onto the right street. Picture a house so extraordinary that […]

Untold Stories from the Trailer Park

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Just around the corner from Redwood High School, The Marin RV Park is tucked between a popular shopping mall and marsh lands, leading most Marin residents to drive right by it almost daily. From their admiration of Airstream trailers to a transitional home, residents Denise Oberman, Blanche Lenin-Cruz, and Ron Martin provide insight into their […]

Junior and mentor go hardcore for parkour

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Former Redwood student, Josh Morris, and current Redwood junior, Aidan Rankin-Williams, discuss their passion for parkour and their history practicing the sport.

Protests erupt on campus over campaign rhetoric

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Video by Sydney Soofer   Roughly 100 students walked out of their classes and onto the South Lawn on Monday in protest of views expressed by President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign. Many of the protesters said that they were not protesting Trump’s right to be president, but rather the discrimination and hatred that they […]

Mr. Minhondo: Rocking Redwood

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  Mr. Minhondo, Film Focus and World Cultures/Geography teacher, talks about his experiences in a punk rock band and his passion for music.

Desk Jams: Edition 11 – Stephanie Oh

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Senior Stephanie Oh performs on the violin.  

Advice to your freshman self

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Ray James Karl Tietze James Ingledew Naina Vyas Riley Dow and Ryan Stiles Ruby Rawlinson Garret Aubert Marisa Robinow

Redwood wins annual Tri-School Poetry Slam

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Jazz music lulled in the background as Redwood, Tam and Drake parents and students filed into the Little Theater for the annual Tri-School Poetry Slam on May 18. Viewers waited eagerly as the lights dimmed and the emcee stepped on stage in anticipation of a night filled with creative thinking and animated speech. The eight […]

Desk Jams Edition 10: Max Lukianchikov

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  Senior Max Lukianchikov discusses his passion for guitar and why music is important to him. Lukianchikov is a part of the Redwood band “Canopy”.  

Desk Jams: Drum Battle Edition

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Desk Jams: Drum Edition features drummers John Van Liere and Karl Tiezte performing improvised solos.