Giants fault to Matadors, look to serve again vs. Bulls on Tuesday

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In the 2016 season, the girls’ varsity tennis team finished second in the MCAL race behind their fierce competitors, the Branson Bulls. Going into this season, coach Marlies Zeisler believes that the team can not only get back to where it was last year, but also come out on top by solidifying the Giants’ doubles […]


The story behind the two wild ones in left field

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Seniors Cosmo Taylor and John Van Liere are two super fans that have brought a whole new level of wittiness and determination to the baseball bleachers. This dynamic duo operates off the field in the bleachers or on the hill in left field during home games, banging on instruments and heckling the opposing team’s players. […]

Senior Teddy Hayden rides the trail in style.

Honorable Mention Prep of the Year: Teddy Hayden

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Senior Teddy Hayden picked up mountain biking for fun in middle school, but it quickly became something much more than a hobby. Since he first started riding, he has become one of the best bikers, not only in the school, but in the nation. Hayden specializes in a specific type of mountain biking called enduro, […]


Junior ranked first in the nation for the 3000 meters

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As junior Gillian Wagner crosses the finish line at any of her track meets, her teammates and spectators go wild. She is congratulated as she walks away with a first place title, but a first-place finish is not an anomaly in her running career. Taking home the win has become a norm for Wagner. Wagner […]


Prep of the Year: Nick Calzaretta

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Senior Nick Calzaretta has been playing football ever since he and his friends found Ron Patrick’s sports camp and the Pop Warner football program in elementary school. He’s also played rugby, baseball, basketball and soccer, but Nick is primarily known for his complete dominance of Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) varsity football. This year, Nick […]

Senior Glennis Murphy runs during a cross country meet.

Prep of the Year: Glennis Murphy

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“I distinctly remember my first week. It was crazy and I ran my butt off every day and it was really hard, but I knew literally on the first day that it was something I wanted to do,” said senior Glennis Murphy of her first week running for cross country. Since then, Murphy has had […]

NCS Finals

Honorable Mention Prep of the Year: McKenzie Cooke

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McKenzie Cooke felt immense excitement as she served what would become the game point in the 2015 MCAL volleyball finals. Not only was it her 17th birthday, but also a game that she would later recall as the most memorable moment of her high school volleyball career. Cooke perfectly served the ball again and again […]


Honorable Mention Prep of the Year: Sabrina Nunez

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In eighth grade, when all of Sabrina Nunez’s peers were deciding where to go to high school, Nunez was deciding where to go to college. Eventually, Nunez committed to UC Berkeley for college softball. Her commitment to Cal was another step in what has been a lifetime devoted to softball. Nunez first stepped up to […]


Honorable Mention Prep of the Year: Alex Wilson

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Five foot tall, nine-year-old Alex Wilson was decked out head to toe in pads, a helmet and his oversized navy jersey, towering over his friends in the huddle. Little did he know that nine years later and a whopping 1½ feet taller, he would lead the MCAL in touchdowns, yards and receptions for wide receivers. […]


Quad squad: boys’ swim captures fourth straight title, girls fall just short

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The boys’ varsity swim team capped off another successful season by winning their fourth straight MCAL championship by nearly 80 points, as well as placing third overall at the North Coast Sectional meet. Despite their loss to Drake in the regular season, the Giants were the heavy favorites coming into the MCAL finals meet based […]