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All-star cast manages to repair Broken City

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As I settled into the plush red chair surrounded by a sparse crowd of middle-aged couples, I had absolutely no idea what the plot of the movie was. I entered Broken City not knowing what to expect, but was soon pleasantly surprised. Broken City follows former cop turned private investigator Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) as […]


Queen of the Couch: And the Oscar goes to…

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The Academy Awards: a more than three-hour affair in which actors, producers, writers, and directors take the storied walk to the Oscar stage and proceed to thank a list of people that is way too long. The inevitable music starts up, the winner tries to sneak in a few more comments, and then he or […]

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Gangster Squad a massive letdown

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As a sucker for detective noire and American gangster films, I went into Gangster Squad expecting something great. But when the silver screen cut to black and signaled the end of the movie, I mouthed an incredulous “Really?” and exited the theater with my brow in the shape of a sharp v. How could director […]


Queen of the Couch: Netflix streaming provides winter break entertainment

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With winter break approaching, it’s the perfect time to check out movies and TV shows on Netflix’s streaming library. For $7.99 a month, unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows are at your fingertips through Netflix’s streaming platform. But with such a large selection, finding a good movie to watch is nearly impossible. […]


Rihanna shines bright with new album

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Every morning on my way to class, I jump into the car and turn the ignition on, only to be greeted by sound of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” A once fun and catchy song, it now dominates the radio. No matter what station I turn to, all I hear is that song, and I’m chased by the […]

Cafe Verde patrons enjoy the eatery's outdoor dining option.

Cafe Verde impresses with excellent food, sophisticated vibe

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Café Verde, Corte Madera’s newest dining attraction, may be located a stones throw from Redwood, but it feels more like a European coffee shop than your new backyard eatery. Nearly half of the cafés’ seating is outdoors in an uncovered plaza bordering the Corte Madera Town Park. There were patrons of all sizes and shapes, […]


Assassin’s Creed hits its mark

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Assassin’s Creed 3, created by Ubisoft and released on Oct. 30, is one of the best in the stealth adventure series and is sure to steal the show this year. The game is full of new features and has a wonderfully long storyline. Players can now enjoy open naval combat, hunting, tree climbing, and hanging […]


Queen of the Couch: TV Show “Scandal” Foreshadows Real Life Drama

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Life is mirroring art on ABC’s hit show Scandal. With the public disclosure of General Petraeus’s affair and his subsequent resignation from his position as CIA Director, I couldn’t help but notice the situation’s similarities to the show, which is currently in its second season. In summary, Scandal is about a political “fixer,” Olivia Pope, […]


Life of Pi engages viewers with stunning visuals

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It is said multiple times in Life of Pi that Pi Patel has a story that will “make you believe in god.” Although Yann Martel’s novel is more compelling than the recently released movie, and may be more likely to inspire belief, Life of Piis engaging and well worth a trip to the theater. Life […]


Anna Karenina outshined by its own costumes

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The trailer for the new movie Anna Karenina brought one word to mind: epic. The music, the costumes, the scenery – it seemed like it would be an instant classic, not only an impressive period drama but also a passionate love story. The trailer itself could win an Oscar, I thought. But the actual film […]