New Kids return to the Block

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Though the members of the group are neither new nor kids, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) have again proved to be the same soulful group that they’ve always been – since 1986. No longer teenage heartthrobs, the band has moved on to a slightly older audience and aims to fill them with nostalgia for […]


Review: On the Road

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“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” – Jack Kerouac; On the Road (The Viking Press: 1957) The concept of a film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel, On the Road,  has been […]

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Kid Cudi’s new album creative but disappointing

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Earlier this month, Kid Cudi announced his surprising departure from Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D. Music, and his plan to embark on a solo journey. When Cudi announced Indicud last year, he said that his upcoming album would resemble Dr. Dre’s classic The Chronic 2001. Similarly to Dre, Cudi planned on producing the album alone and […]

Col. Mercier (Tennant) spies on German troops in BBC America's new mini-series.

An unrushed, pre-war thriller

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Like any normal teenager, I have a passion for British mini-series period pieces. So when series three of Downton Abbey ended this January, I was left, like I’m sure many others were, with somewhat of a gap to fill. Spies of Warsaw, a two-part mini-series on BBC America, is not as engaging as one would […]

One of Jack's Major enemies, a two-faced giant,  poses before he attacks the Kingdoms of Earth.

Fee. Fi. Forget This Flick.

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A quiet hero, a couple hundred dim-witted giants, a handful of beans, and some unimportant secondary characters is never an acceptable combination for any action movie, and the movie Jack the Giant Slayer is no exception.  Although there have been well-made adaptations of children’s books in the past, Jack the Giant Slayer fails to match their […]

Gotta get down on fry-day: Finding the best fries

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Most of us can agree that the epitome of American cuisine is, of course, the burger. But what is a burger without its best friend, the French fry? The quest to find Marin’s best fries is a long and treacherous climb through a mountain of calories. But hey, someone’s got to do it. The Bark […]


A Knight to Remember in The Power of Negative Thinking

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Bob Knight, one of the most successful college basketball coaches in NCAA history,will perhaps be best remembered for heaving steel chairs across the court and chocking horrified pupils than winning over 900 career games as a head coach. So, naturally, I expected Knight’s new book to be about how he takes long walks on the […]

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“Oz the Great and Powerful” puts twist on classic movie

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I admit it, I can barely get through a screening of the original The Wizard of Oz without falling asleep. But Sam Raimi’s new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, is attention-grabbing, funny, and packed with impressive special effects. It is not just the stunning Mila Kunis that holds my attention in this film, but […]

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Timberlake’s new album brings sexy back… again

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After a six year hiatus from music, the teen-pop star turned R&B singer Justin Timberlake has made a classy return to music with his new album, The 20/20 Experience. The album is a mix of old school R&B and modern pop. Timberlake incorporates orchestral strings and Hip-Hop beats into several of the songs, while keeping a […]

The Call

One call you should miss

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One call could change your life. One call changed my life – and I want my money back. In The Call, Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) is a 911 operator who gets a call she never expected. Things go wrong on a call when Turner redials the phone of a hiding girl and gives away her […]