Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear rises to expectations

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Since I first played Metal Gear Solid 2 when I was a kid, I’ve been enthralled by the Metal Gear series. I’ve replayed Metal Gear Solid One, Two and Three to such  an extent that I could have moderate success in each game with a blindfold over my eyes. Naturally, the release of a new […]

Romance 2013: Did you find Safe Haven or Die Hard?

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection. Whether or not you want to embrace these feelings or escape from them, the movie theater can be the perfect place to spend your day.  These two movies were both released on Feb. 14, and while they were completely different, it was obvious that everyone had […]

Tac-o the town: Marin’s best taquerias

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With the recent closure of the Kentfield Taqueria Mexican Grill de Marin, you might be wondering where to turn for high-quality Mexican food.  But look no further- the Bark recently sampled some of the best local Mexican restaurants.  Many aspects of these taquerias were taken into account, including taste of food, portion size, price, service, […]

Procrastinate with entertainment every night of the week

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With over a third of the second semester under our belts, it can be tempting to swap out a textbook for a television remote and put off all homework and studying.  Wondering which guilty pleasure shows are so bad they’re good to watch and when?  Check out this guide to procrastination. MONDAY Ah, the dreaded […]

Melissa McCarthy plays the Identity Thief, who turns Sandy Patterson's life upside down.

Identity Thief steals the top spot

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I wasn’t expecting much from Identity Thief. I thought I was in for another movie where two characters who start off as arch nemeses end up falling in love, providing the audience with some humor on their march to the altar. So I was happily surprised when the movie turned out not to feature two […]

Picture 22

Insane City a great chaotic journey through Miami

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At first glance, Insane City seems likely to be rooted more in ridiculousness than real substance. It would be easy for Dave Barry, a humor columnist who has been dubbed “the funniest man in America,” to sacrifice character development for jokes or good writing for a simple and silly plot, especially when the story can so easily […]

Keri Russell

Russians invade FX in new drama ‘The Americans’

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America: the land of the free and the home of the brave. A land of majestic mountaintops, vexing valleys, and charming cities. A land known for embracing its rich history and its democratic origins. And above all, a land filled with communistic Soviet spies? This is exactly the premise of FX’s new drama series The […]


Dead Space 3 burns hopes for future of series

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Publishing company Electronic Arts has once again succeeded in reducing a once-great game to a redundant and tedious cash grab with the release of Dead Space 3, sucking the life out of the game’s developers, Visceral Games, and tossing their rotting carcass into the pile of other companies that temporarily sustained its demonic corporate power. […]

THE WITCH-HUNTING siblings Hansel (played by Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (played by Gemma Arterton) prepare for a witch murder, as they have been doing since their experience in the Gingerbread house as children.

Acting sweetens Hansel & Gretel

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Though the tale of two young siblings and a gingerbread house seems sweetly innocent at first glance, the newly released R-rated Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is anything but. Director Tommy Wirkola has transformed the classic story that warns children away from strangers into a supernatural bloodbath. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, who play Hansel […]


John Dies at the End

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As of late, it has become a rather irksome tendency of trailer editors and review writers alike to include an inappropriate over-abundance of major plot points in their works, and often times unintentionally ruin the very story they intended to promote. One can only do his best, however, over the duration of a review, to […]